IntestiMax (5.7 oz Powder)
IntestiMax (5.7 oz Powder)
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A natural formulation of ingredients traditionally used to support the integrity and healthy functioning of the intestinal lining Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine to feed the organs, tissues, and cells of the body. The primary functions of the small intestine include lubrication of intestinal contents, nutrient absorption (allowing properly digested foods to pass into the bloodstream), and provision of a protective barrier to prevent absorption of unwanted toxins, parasites, and undigested food into the bloodstream. The intestinal lining sheds a layer of cells every three to four days. To facilitate its renewal, sufficient levels of glutamine are necessary. IntestiMax contains therapeutic levels of glutamine, which is converted by the body into NAG, the fuel for the regeneration of the mucosa. IntestiMax is formulated with NAG, which helps people who have trouble converting glutamine into NAG.

  • Contains L-glutamine, N-acetyl L-glucosamine, gamma oryzanol, and herbs
  • Helps to maintain and restore proper intestinal permeability
  • Specially designed to assist in the repair of the mucous lining that coats the digestive system
  • May be used for stomach or duodenal ulcers,bleeding intestinal lesions, and any irritation or ulceration of the GI tract
  • Easy-to-use powdered formula; pleasant, and mild tasting

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