TravaGen (120 caps)
TravaGen (120 caps)
Price: $64.00

Product Code: NS20000


TravaGen by NeuroScience

Gentle serotonin support with L-tryptophan Supports serotonin, GABA and taurine and modulates glutamate activity to promote calm.

TravaGen is a gentler version of TravaCor that supports serotonin by providing L-tryptophan. Tryptophan offers milder serotonin support than 5-HTP, with lower peak serotonin levels and a more gradual dose-response curve. Therefore, patients who cannot tolerate 5-HTP products may have better outcomes with TravaGen. L-theanine has been widely studied for its ability to produce a calming effect and prevent over-stimulation. Taurine acts by promoting GABA receptor activity.

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